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Requiem of the Sea

Eva! Eva! They do not know that we are dying, dying.

When we die, they will die too.

Our brittle white bones will be the end of a beginning. 

They do not know, that down here,

we make more oxygen than the trees

and cures for their diseases.


Who can help us, Mada? Can we whisper in their dreams?


They do not hear us, Eva!


But we are a part of them, 

why have they denied us?

They came from the sea, billions of years ago.


That was a long time ago, Eva…

They have forgotten.

They do not know that we are sentient.

We do not have a voice, Eva.

They cannot hear us.

Whisper in their dreams whispers in their dreams.

When millions dream of the same dream, 

they will find each other.

Cast a spell on them.

360˚ VR
Voice by
Lilia Yip 
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